How To Talk To Your Employer

It is very important to have a conversation with your employer regarding your CBD usage. This is because your employer needs to understand two primary things:

Talk To Your Employer

>If you consume CBD and are randomly drug tested using a Point of Care Cup, you will likely receive a false positive drug test.This occurs because instant read tests only identify classes of drugs instead of compounds. Since CBD and THC are both in the cannabis class, this test will not be able to identify the difference between them.

> Any cannabis compound, including CBD, may test positive for THC depending on the amount you have in your system. This is why, if you do get drug tested and receive a positive result, you need to ask your employer to order a confirmation test before making any employment decisions.

> Confirmation Tests are correctly able to differentiate THC from different cannabinoids.

> For further support, it is important to communicate with your physician regarding your CBD usage. They may be able to provide a doctor’s note to give to your employer. Being open and honest with your employer about your CBD usage can prevent difficult future interactions and can give you peace of mind.