Employer Drug Screen

With the Employer Drug Screen, you will know precisely how the CBD products you consume will show up on a drug test administered by your employer.

Our Employer Drug Screen is simple and easy, and you can test yourself from the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you test positive with this test, you will test positive for a drug test administered by your employer. If your test is positive or invalid, then you need to order a Confirmation Test.

Your Employer Drug Screen Includes

  • 1 Multi-Panel Drug Test Cup
  • Detailed Directions
  • Instant Test results
  • Result Interpretation Chart

It is important to note that the Employer Drug Screen is accurate, but limited. Its multi-panel technology tests  for classes of drugs, so all compounds of cannabis tests positive. Simply put, this test does not differentiate between THC and CBD and you may receive a false positive result.