We eliminate false positive test results.

Use CBD with peace of mind and be confident in your drug test results. Integrated Laboratory Solutions results are accurate and reliable.

Test Kit

Employer Drug Screen

The Employer Drug Screen will let you know precisely how the CBD products you consume will show up on a drug test administered by your employer. It is important to note that Employer Drug Screen uses multi-panel drug testing technology, which is accurate, but limited. The Employer Drug Screen only identifies classes of drugs, so all compounds of cannabis will test positive for THC. Simply put, this test does not differentiate between THC and CBD and you may receive a false positive result.

Test Kit

Confirmation Test

If you receive a positive or invalid result on a drug test, employers, physicians, and judges can use a Confirmation Test to verify results. Confirmation Tests identify every compound of cannabis by its atomic weight and can correctly differentiate THC from different cannabinoids.