Confirmation Test

Confirmation Test

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Confirmation Tests report THC levels in your body, which can differentiate CBD usage from THC usage. Because Confirmation Tests use the same drug testing technology (LC-MS) that is implemented by most institutions, you will know precisely how the CBD products you consume will show up on a LC-MS based urine drug analysis. This can also prove you have not consumed any illicit drugs, including marijuana.

If your employer says you failed a drug test, but you know you haven't consumed any products that contain illegal amounts of THC, you can order your own Confirmation Test. This test could save your job and livelihood!

Your Confirmation Test Includes:

  • 1 Urine Collection Cup

  • 1 Specimen Bag

  • Prepaid Shipping Materials to Send Your Sample to The Lab

  • Email Test Results

It is important to note that Integrated Laboratory Solutions can only confirm the results of the urine specimen, and cannot confirm who sent in the sample. If you are using the test result for employment, court, or medical reasons, please ask the person who will review the test report to determine the best way to collect your urine sample so they will accept your test results.